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Fleet Management

Tracking and vehicle fleet management

Our state-of-the-art Fleet Management System, user-friendly interface and app has been developed by an international, first world organisation and is a must-have for any company wanting to reduce expenses, increase effectiveness, enhance productivity and manage risk. Access your fleet easily and quickly from your mobile device, laptop or desktop. Our application is ideal for any industry regardless of your fleet size. From heavy plant/equipment, tractors, cane haulers, delivery vehicles, truck-trailers, company fleets, busses and taxis, we can offer you state of the art tracking and fleet management solutions. Our offerings are cost effective for smaller business and completely scalable for larger ones.

How does it work?

A tracking device is installed into each vehicle in your fleet by our professional installation team. You then get access to your own online account which allows you to get both real time and historic data that you can use to drive efficiencies in your fleet and spot trends before they become an issue for your business. You can install our mobile app from the Apple App store or Google Play on your phone or other web enable devices. This allows you to track your fleet on a range of devices from anywhere that has network coverage.

Our system build

  • Compact with a sensitive GPS (Built in Antenna) and resettable fuse.
  • Accelerometer to detect events during driving.
  • PEG™ for monitoring and alerting external conditions.
  • PULS™ for remote device updates and configuration.
  • Cellular connectivity for data backhauls and over-the-air configuration.

What functionality does our system offer?

  • Monitor your vehicle/s from any device at any time.
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Receive vehicle alerts and movement notifications for example, speeding, off route, movement violations, no-go zones and panic notifications if a panic button is installed
  • Set geofences and overlaps that show what time your vehicle entered and exited specific designated areas – this has a huge impact on increasing productivity and provides evidence for companies that are contract bound to reach certain destinations at certain times during the day
  • Install Driver Tags so that designated drivers are only able to drive designated vehicles. This allows you to manage your fleet according to your drivers instead of your vehicles. Receive/pull reports on full driver behaviour regardless of what vehicles they have been driving.
  • Ability to create your own headings and then to create your sites under that, for example land marks, bus stops and delivery stops.
  • Set maintenance reminders for when your vehicles are due for a service.
  • Ability to view a fully customisable dashboard. At a glance, you can see statistics and information for your entire fleet, such as vehicle ignition on/off, speed, location, registration number, description, unit status, position, odometer and events.
  • Share a static vehicle location or alternatively a live link to the interface with outside users.

7 Reasons to use fleet management to monitor your fleet

Companies that utilize a Fleet Management System are likely to experience a range of benefits to their operations. Whether the business is a waste management firm, taxi/limousine hire or plumbing contractor, there are numerous ways that fleet tracking software can aid and improve efficiency.

Here we look at seven reasons why:

  • First and foremost, you know where all your vehicles are and what they are being used for. A Fleet Management System can tell you at what time your driver started, how long is being spent on breaks and whether the vehicle is being used to pursue non-work-related activities.
  • Specific and accurate tools such as Door Opening monitoring can show you when and where the doors of the vehicle are being opened and thus if the correct job is being done and if deliveries are being made on time.
  • Fleet tracking software can be essential in settling any false complaints or claims against the company that may arise. The location software can prove beyond doubt where a vehicle was at the time of any alleged offence and thus demonstrate that the claim is bogus.
  • Tracking systems can be particularly effective on the administrative side for companies that run 24/7 across various sites and locations. All the data can be collected and collated centrally so any problems can be identified and thus solutions discovered more quickly. An automated system also reduces the need for added backroom staff.
  • Fleet tracking software also increases driver efficiency. By knowing how much time each driver is taking per job, management can structure each driver’s timetable more effectively and make better use of their time. By encouraging drivers to adopt the new systems and work more efficiently drivers should hopefully feel more empowered and thus more valued and keener to produce better performance. In return, companies could introduce a bonus system for the most efficient staff based on the evidence provided.
  • Fleet Management can help the company save money by increasing vehicle efficiency. By reducing the speed of vehicles money can be saved on petrol and wear and tear on vehicles will decrease, making their resale value last for longer. Speeding fines can also be avoided. Insurance companies offer discounts for safer driving and the tracking systems significantly raise the chances of theft recovery.
  • When pitching for new business or renewing existing contracts, being able to demonstrate the benefits of fleet tracking software presents you with a distinct competitive advantage over rivals that do not have this.

Fleet Management can make a real difference to a company managing a fleet of vehicles by improving customer service, improving driver and vehicle efficiency and providing information that can save a company significant amounts of money across the fleet.