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For the management of larger fleets, we recommend the GARM module. GARM is used to manage your alert notifications through a Control Room and allows you a lot more control with being able to create your own alert algorithms to handle specific event situations.

The Control Room receives pop-up notifications for alerts that have been specified, such as speeding, panics, off route or geofences.

The Control Room operator will then process this alarm. Processing the alarm is dependent on company requirements and specifications. individual vehicle information will tell Control Room staff how to handle the alarm, for instance, should the driver be contacted directly, or should an emergency vehicle be sent to the scene?

The Control Room staff then log their response (how they have managed that alert).

A full history is stored to ensure that alarms have been monitored correctly – this can be accessed at any time. Push notifications are also sent by the Control Room, via WhatsApp Web, to immediately communicate with the company.