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Multiple Reports and Analytics

  • Receive Reports daily or generate your own reports instantly – there are numerous reports that can be run immediately, or alternatively, these reports can be scheduled so that they are emailed to you at a specified time. If that doesn’t quite fulfil your needs, then you can customise your own reports.
  • What are some of the things I could see on my reports?
    • Quality of driving for example harsh braking, harsh cornering, excessive idling and speeding. Save costs on fuel and wear and tear on vehicles by ensuring that your drivers are driving professionally.
    • Vehicle overtime and daily movement – this assists companies in calculating overtime earnings for wages and is a necessity for companies that have to verify/prove travelling time in order to invoice out.
    • Trip times – know exactly where your staff are and how long each trip is taking them to complete. What time did they start work? How long was their lunch break? How long did they spend at each customer, and have they invoiced correctly for that time?
    • History – now you can contest penalties and fines and back it up with proof of vehicle location and speed.
    • Fuel spend, now also linked to fuel cards
    • Eco-drive – a scorecard for your drivers, ranking them within the company