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Welcome to Track Cam Africa

With over 30 years of industry experience you can now have complete peace of mind that we can be your eyes on the road whilst you concentrate on growing your company.

With our range of innovative offerings, we will keep you 100% informed on every single move that your vehicle and driver make. Use our integrated system to manage, evaluate and analyze the data of your assets.

Our user-friendly platform offers single sign-on capability with no delays. Log on once to view each asset as a single line item. From there you can view your tracking, cameras, fuel and any other solutions and functionality that you have enabled. View your online live video footage instantaneously with no system delays.

Our Solutions

Fleet Management

Camera Solutions

Autoconductor Solution

Fuel Management Solutions

24/7 Assist Line

Multiple Reports and Analytics

Temperature and Door Sensors

SARS Log Book and Eco Driving Solution

Task Manager and Logistics

Client Testimonials

Tansnat Durban (Pty) Ltd operates the Durban Transport bus service, which comprises 450 buses in the Ethekwini area.

We have been using Track Cam Africa’s live camera system and vehicle tracking in a number of our buses and have been extremely satisfied with both their product and the level of service that we receive from them. On the basis of their service to date, we are currently in the process of installation on the rest of our fleet.

Track Cam Africa has been committed to building a one-on-one relationship with our staff and have been completely hands on in ensuring that we are satisfied with the systems they have put in place for us.

We receive regular reporting updates from them and on a weekly basis they meet with our operations team to review the reports and footage relevant to us. Tansnat Durban highly recommends the services of Track Cam Africa.

Tariq Amod CA (SA)

Tansnat Durban (Pty) Ltd

Track Cam Africa provide quality on-board Camera Systems and Tracking which is efficiently monitored by their associated company, Funani Bureau Services. Their Technical Division provides ongoing servicing of all units and immediate attention to repairs and replacements, limiting down-time.

Their Driver behaviour and Diesel Usage Analysis system, which is integrated with Tracking Service has returned informative results which has led to their implementation of a product which includes a diesel probe, cameras and measures which fortify the diesel access areas, placing control back in the hands of Management.

Vidhor Mangaroo

CEO, Metro Group of Companies

Having a good tracking system in our trucks is an absolute necessity and the cameras are a huge added bonus.

We run our vehicles through Track Cam Africa’s control room which means that we receive constant live notifications on where our vehicles are, if they’re speeding, or if they enter geo-zones or areas that they shouldn’t be in. Added to this, we are linked to Track Cam Africa’s round the clock recovery system.

Track Cam Africa’s service is excellent.

They are committed to their customers and always make themselves available to train our staff or resolve issues.


or if they enter geo-zones or areas that they

Mr G Govender

DS Transport Services

There are many different camera systems on the market today which makes it extremely difficult to choose from.

Buscor selected the Track Cam Africa camera system because of its simplicity, reliability, cost-effectiveness and excellent back-up service.

Leon Grobbelaar


I had two hi-jacking incidences occur on two different company vehicles in the space of three days. Track Cam Africa was able to recover both of these vehicles in record time.

Their service is excellent and professional. I was also given full recovery reports.

Leon Erwee

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