Control Room and Bureau Services

Installing cameras, fleet management and fuel management solutions into your fleet will ensure that you are in complete control of your vehicles and drivers. It will have a direct impact on your bottom line, optimize effectiveness and increase productivity, ensuring the safety and security of your driver’s, passengers and loads. However, installing these measures will not be as effective without monitoring and reporting on the results. Accurate and timely reporting will ensure that corrective measures can be put into place as early as possible, and, in the case of accidents, will supply you with invaluable evidence. This is where we can assist!

Track Cam Africa operates an in-house Control Room and Bureau Service, with dedicated, experienced Operators to cater to all your company’s needs. It also allows authorized company employees access to our control room platform. This means immediate online access to all your video footage and reporting and allows your footage to be saved for 5 years.


Control Room offering includes (among other things):

  • Implementation of our GARM Module
  • Exception alarm monitoring
  • In-cab communication
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Unauthorized stopping
  • Door opening for delivery routes
  • Battery disconnects
  • High value loads truck and trailer tracking and disconnects
  • Geo-fencing, no-go zones, off-route notifications etc.
  • Speeding


Bureau Service offering includes:

  • Monitoring of camera footage.
  • Monitoring of fleet management
  • Monitoring of fuel management (spend, usage, drain-offs and fills)
  • Attendance at disciplinary hearings to present evidence
  • Supplying full reporting and analytics on camera monitoring, fleet management and fuel         management
  • Supplying evidence and in-depth analysis for accidents or incidents
  • Supplying daily health checks on all vehicles


Control Room and Bureau Service Consulting

You may decide, as a company using our solutions, that you would prefer to operate your own Control Room. Let us take care of the logistics, training and set-up for you! Our consultancy fee will include full set-up, installation of software, server set-up and Controller training and platform manuals.