Our Solutions

Fuel management solutions

A combination of never-ending fuel increases and an upsurge in diesel theft has a huge impact on operational expenditure, and companies are struggling to manage this. Lower your risk by putting a STOP to siphoning, skimming and diesel spills!
Studies have shown that fuel contributes between 38% and 44% of overall costs. The price of fuel has increased by more than 560% over the last 15 years. With this in mind, we feel that it makes good money sense to manage your fuel.

We can assist by providing the following solutions:

  • Anti-siphoning products that prevent 3rd party theft.
  • Installation of a Fuel Probe to monitor and report on the fuel level in the tank. This offers the following benefits and functionality:
    • Live Fuel Monitoring
    • Push Notifications on draining/siphoning and refuelling of fuel
    • Fuel Reports for example: consumption at idle speed; consumption according to operating hours; average consumption per 100km, specified events, specified exceptions and locations
    • Sensor Report Graphs
    • Full Analytics for fleet, broken down into single assets
    • Vehicle History Overlaps
    • Card Transactions